What Will You Get

Get better data leads to better decisions. We turn web content into useful data for your next great move.

  • Proxy Supported: Http-Https-Sosks4-Socks5. Auto Proxy Checker. In-built Proxy Checker. Import proxies from file or URL.
  • Run up to 50 threads per job. Run multiple jobs simultaneously. AutoSave Support.
  • Extract all countries, cites and categories on Yelp, Yellow Page, Craigslist, Backpage and Geebo. Keyword Search - Extract only unique ads.
  • Exports information (location, time, date, title, email). Extracts unic and @craigslist.com email addresses, and Phones
  • Captchasolutions, Imagetyperz, Antigate, 2Captcha.com and Deathbycaptcha.com support. ReCaptcha 2 Supported!
  • Build-in Http Server to offer results to other applications. BackConnect Proxy Support